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C & T Walker Construction owned and operated by Craig Walker. All staff are fully qualified and strive to exceed customer expectations of quality, on time delivery and within budget.

Craig uses his 30 years experience and knowledge in construction to aid farmers in decisions along the design and construction of their dairy shed, effluent system and feed lot. Craig has over the decades in building dairy sheds has perfected his project management, quality controls and budget controls. Craig has a firm belief in not outsourcing the build of you dairy shed, so you know that Craig will be building your shed or other dairy related building.

Chris brings valuable experience from farming and brick and block layer. Having become a fully qualified builder, Chris has moved into the role of Second in Charge (2IC). Where he excels in delivering C&T Walker Constructions high quality standards, on time guarantee and within budget requirements.

George started out helping Craig build dairy sheds during high school holidays at 15 and he still works for the company today. George is now using his commerce degree from Lincoln University to help deliver customer experience that cannot be rivalled. With areas of specialization in supply chain and business management, George has helped the company implement new production and logistic techniques to keep C&T Walker dairy sheds a cost effective option for farmers.